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For the last several years, there has been a CELUG Co-Located Conference at DAC.  That will be the case again this year as well, but in addition we will have the Design Infrastructure Alley.  Here is some information about the differences between the two and the differing requirements for access.


CELUG Conference

Firstly, there is a CELUG conference.  It is not going to be the same as it has been in the past.  The CELUG presentations will all be on Tuesday, June 26.  There *IS* registration required.  This year’s conference fee is only $100, since we are only reserving a room for one day and there are no plans for any food to be served.  Currently, we have some of our “usual cast of characters” (Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor, Ansys, Mathworks, Flexera).




We do have room for member presentations!  If you are interested in presenting, please let me know!


Design Infrastructure Alley


The DIA is new this year at DAC.  The Alley will be on the showroom floor with a special section for IT-specific suppliers.  We will also have the Design on Cloud Pavilion area, which is a stage.  There will be talks and panel sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and right now ALL speaking slots are filled!  You can get access to this area by registering via the FREE I Love DAC registration promotion since all of this is on the tradeshow floor.  The speaking schedule will be published in the next couple of weeks.


Evening Networking Event


I’m currently working to secure a venue for us.  This will in all likelihood be Monday, June 25 from 6-9, but that is not yet firm.  We will definitely NOT be on a boat this year since I still don’t have a good idea how many people we’re talking about and we want people to be able to come and go as they want.




Due to the nature of the conference this year, I have less visibility into count than normal.  San Francisco is a pricey city, and I want to get a venue with enough capacity for all of us, but I don’t want to get way more capacity than I need.  PLEASE fill out the survey on hpcpros.org:




This year’s Conference is going to be very special.  You definitely want to be there to take part in these great conversations about shaping the future of our industry.  For the first time ever, we’re not going to just be talking about licensing, but about grid computing, storage management, data security and the Cloud.


Derek Magill has been in Engineering IT for over 20 years, starting out on the UNIX Help Desk at Texas Instruments. While at TI, he held several technical and leadership roles, mainly focused on the areas of license management and HPC. While at Qualcomm, he led the global EDA License Infrastructure team, the Grid Administration Team, and was the primary Engineering Cloud Architect. He currently is an HPC Solutions Architect at Flux7 Labs, a DevOps Cloud Consultancy. Derek has also served as the Chairman of CELUG since 2015 and is the Executive Director of the Association of High Performance Computing Professionals. He also is a member of the Executive Committee of the 2020 Design Automation Conference.


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