Welcome to the Association of High Performance Computing Professionals

Our mission is to elevate the knowledge and execution of IT Professionals supporting High Performance Computing Environments as well as to provide a communication channel between practitioners and suppliers.

We accomplish our Mission through these means:

 Knowledge Sharing

The Association provides several methods of knowledge sharing:

  • Our Discourse Server which provides both web and email-based forums for sharing non-proprietary best practices
  • For those who prefer real-time chat, our Slack Channel is available on an invite basis
  • Monthly or Quarterly calls per discipline area as well as the online archives only available to Members
  • Networking events in local cities around the world


We will advocate for advancement in the industry through:

  • Establishment of Open Standards creation bodies
  • Position papers on topics of importance to the majority of members


On an annual basis, the Association will engage with a third party firm to collect data about Member company’s environment.  The data will be anonymized and made available to Corporate Members as well as Supplier Members.  The raw data will never be in the possession of the Association.

Ready to get involved?

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