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As part of the 2020 Virtual Conference, we have added an additional field to your member account on the web site called "Contact Sharing".  This field helps us balance the [...]
Due to the unprecedented global impact of the novel corornavirus pandemic, the HPC Pros Board of Directors is announcing that this year's Co-Located Conference at DAC will not continue in [...]
Welcome to Discourse, the message board / email list(s) for the Association! For many years, the CELUG organization made use of a mailman list manager for communications.  This was great, [...]
Come Shape The Future of IT Infrastructure for Semiconductor at DAC 2018!Be sure to join us at DAC in San Francisco from June 24-28.  You will be able to get [...]

For the last several years, there has been a CELUG Co-Located Conference at DAC.  That will be the case again this year as well, but in addition we will have […]

Planning on attending DIA? Let us know!Letting us know you're attending helps us plan, particularly for the evening event!  This ensures that we reserve a facility with enough space for [...]
Choke Points -- Interest Payments on Technical Debt Now that we've reviewed "how we got here" in Part I and Part II, let's talk about the impact these forces have [...]
Hot Off The Presses! This year's DAC will have the Design Infrastructure Alley, a section of DAC devoted to the infrastructure required to design chips and systems.  The premise for [...]
Talking Infrastructure At the Premier Semiconductor Conference I've been going to DAC for several years now, which is a bit of an oddity for an IT guy.  The CELUG Co-Located [...]
Humbles Beginnings: CELUG A Brief History of How We Came To Be   It's important to start with the original organization from which this is modeled.  The Centralized Enterprise License [...]