License Management (CELUG)

License managers in HPC environments must keep servers highly available and highly responsive. Job throughput depends on both if a company is going to be competitive in today's global economy. In addition, software licenses for HPC environments represent a significant economic investment which require metrics and reporting to ensure maximum ROI.

The License Management Discipline

The License Management community is a rich and vibrant one that has existed via the Centralized Enterprise Management User’s Group (CELUG) for more than a decade.  CELUG was the building block upon which the Association was built.  Over its lifetime, the User’s Group has successfully brought together the “three legs of the stool” — Administrators, License Technology Providers and Software Suppliers.


Joining the Association gives you access to this community of committed professionals, as well as a way to provide a common voice to the supplier community about issues of the day.  The Association also partners closely with the ESD Alliance License Management and Anti Piracy Committee to collaborate on license management issues facing the industry in a mutually beneficial way.