Annual Benchmarking Survey

Once a year, the Association will engage with a third party firm to survey its Members regarding the technology they are using, what they are looking at in the near term and strategic challenges they are facing.

The firm will then compile the information and anonymize the data, making the report available to Corporate level members. The Association itself will never have access to the raw data.

Benefits for Corporate Professional Members

Convenient, cost and time effective way of benchmarking against similar companies

This report will cover a broad section of the industry.  Typical benchmarking meetings take anywhere from one to four hours and usually several time members’ time.  The Benchmarking Survey can be made available to anyone on your team and everyone will have the same set of information rather than relying on individuals’ notes.

More information than would normally be disclosed in a typical benchmarking session

The Annual Benchmarking Survey is an instrument put together with thoughtful, planned questions with the data organized into sections for easy comprehension. Since a neutral third party will record, anonymize and summarize the data to prevent individual company identification, Member companies can be more forthright about their plans.

Compare against a broad section of the industry rather than one or two companies

Most organizations get a benchmarking session anywhere from once to three times per year.  And those sessions may or may not have attendance from the right SME’s an organization has to offer, resulting in incomplete or inconsistent results.  The Annual Benchmarking Survey ensures that you get the best answers Member companies have to offer.

Well-documented reports that happen on a regular cycle

Receive an annual report that contains the answers to dozens of questions, professionally categorized and easy to digest.  You’ll end up with a document you can archive and refer to over time and can compare previous year’s versions to spot new trends or determine industry inflection points.

Benefits for Corporate Supplier Members

Outstanding market research for a low cost

Gain access to a broad spectrum of the market in a single, well-documented report.  Sales calls to individual companies yield inconsistent answers depending upon to whom you speak.  Managers say one thing, individual contributors say another.  The Benchmarking Survey ensures that you receive the answer that the organization really means.