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For the first time at DAC, HPC Pros held a workshop.  We had three companies present, Ellexus, the IO Profiling Company, Sylabs, the creators of Singularity Containers for HPC and [...]
Register Now!If you are planning on attending CELUG, simply register for CELUG and you will get floor / Design Infrastructure Alley access. If you are primarily interested in the Design [...]
Picking up from where we left with part one there has been a bit of change in the EDA for Cloud circle. And hopefully we continue this drive, and DAC-2019 [...]

Part One Prelude We define a Cloud Oriented Grid (COG) to be a Compute Grid which is designed to operate independently, including a well-integrated data replication mechanism, and also has […]

Where The World Is Heading Let's take a brief moment and take a look at one of the hottest topics in Information Technology today:  The Cloud. The Cloud is many [...]
Choke Points -- Interest Payments on Technical Debt Now that we've reviewed "how we got here" in Part I and Part II, let's talk about the impact these forces have [...]
Creating Cloud-Based Applications That Are Secure AND Usable Is Hard Another day, another headline about data security "In the Cloud".  Here's a sampling of some past headlines of data loss [...]
Origin of the Species Now that we have seen the technical and economic forces which shaped the modern EDA/HPC environment from Part I, let's take a closer look at the [...]
The Origin of the Species -- How Today's Semiconductor Environments Evolved The current paradigm for Semiconductor computing dates back to the 1990's.  It was a heady time for the industry [...]